Welcome to the official web site for Silverado Archers. We are located in the southern end Napa Valley on a hill at Skyline Wilderness Park, locate at 2201 Imola Avenue.

We are a growing, family oriented archery club focused on providing facilities, volunteers, events and an environment to support the sport of archery in the beautiful Napa Valley.

The Silverado Archery Club is a private member only archery club. Within its 22 acres, there are two separate National Field Archery (NFAA) chartered ranges containing 14 targets each, a field target range and a hunter target range. Directly in front of its clubhouse, which encompasses a large sheltered deck area, are a 10-60 yard Target Range, 900 Round Bales, Broadhead Target, Moving Target, Lawn Darts and a Paper Tuning Target.

With a history of over 50 years, the Silverado Archery Club has flourished as one of the top archery ranges in northern California. Founded in 1954, the club moved to its current location in Skyline Wilderness Park in 1985. Young or old, male or female, novice or professional archer, it’s a place where you can spend quality time enjoying the sport of archery with good people. The personal enjoyment that its members experience is unmatched. If you are new to archery or want to check it out, please do not be shy. We have very friendly members who are enthusiastic and willing to assist you.

In ancient history, archery was known as the "Sport of Kings" and was limited to a very select few. We are now very fortunate to have archery clubs that allow us to partake in this great sport. Members of the Silverado Archery Club are a close-nit group and family based. The club not only allows us to fine-tune our skills, but also continue the tradition of archery by passing down our knowledge and experience to the next generation of archers, our children and grandchildren. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?
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